Supal Desai

Supal Desai


With a well-traveled background, Supal found a passion to celebrate the beauty of everyday life. An ambitious personality and independent lifestyle, her expertise is unparalleled and perspective unique.


With an international background and experience spanning from the United States and the Middle East, founder Supal Desai specializes in business development and risk, with an emphasis on luxury brand strategy operating in emerging and frontier markets.

Before establishing C&É Consultancy, Supal worked in international affairs where she developed a deep understanding of the Middle East and African cultures. Simultaneously, she continued to use her blog, established in 2011, as a tool to understand how companies globalize brands and was soon approached by international luxury leaders like Estée Lauder and Harrods.

Supal holds a Master’s Degree in International Relations specializing in Middle East and Central Asian Security Studies from the University of St. Andrews.

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Our Services & Expertise

What We Do

C&É Consultancy guides brands and retailers to mitigate risk and develop a consumer strategy, from assessing regional challenges to establishing a digital footprint. We aim to help navigate complex global markets and retain loyal customers worldwide.

Market Entry

C&É Consultancy works with brands to enter the EMEA market by assessing the market opportunity to facilitate the inception of an entity or a robust digital footprint in the EMEA region.

Strategy Workshops & Training

C&É Consultancy works with clients to elucidate the consumer opportunity in the EMEA region the facilitates workshops and training sessions for help develop targeted tactic to retain valuable consumers.

Digital Strategy

C&É Consultancy works closely with brands to develop a successful digital strategy with maximum ROI, provide oversight of execution and provide internal training.

Traveler Strategy

C&É Consultancy works with brands to develop comprehensive strategies by contextualizing cultural and regional travel trends to attract, convert and build loyalty with consumers.

Luxury Consumer Engagement

C&É Consultancy works with brands to create custom consumer engagement opportunities that drive traffic and build consumer understanding of a brand’s heritage and history in their home country. This can be done through digital engagement or an in-store experience.

Risk Management

From sourcing materials to monitoring samples, C&É Consultancy utilizes regional knowledge, on-the-ground experts and geo-political analysis to manage both everyday and exceptional risks along the supply chain based on continuous risk assessment with the objective of reducing vulnerability.

In addition to the above services, C&É Consultancy offers a wide range of advisory and creative services for brands and retailers seeking assistance on objectives outside our scope of work by partnering with a network of specialized practitioners.

How We Work & Insights

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We help companies fortify their brands and become more successful by identifying where and how to build the most value. We assist them in expanding into new geo-location and/or virtual markets, brainstorm new lines that would work best in markets of expansion, improve customer loyalty, outline effective inbound marketing plans.

C&É Consultancy combines a deep knowledge of the luxury fashion and lifestyle industries with experience in Europe, Middle East and Africa. We bring an external, practical perspective to industry challenges and opportunities using our network of contacts and fact-based analysis.

Our goal is to work with clients to develop common objectives, define roles and responsibilities, propose recommendations and implement solutions. C&É Consultancy’s package is unique in that we integrate business strategies and design expertise whilst strengthening brand recognition.

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Client Results

We Share Our Clients Ambitions

We share our clients’ ambitions understanding their reality and delivering results. By focusing on strategic decisions and creating a plan for practical and design actions, we align our incentives.

We collaborated with a new-generation leather handbags designer by:

  • Devising an inbound marketing plan for recognition & growth
  • Design assistance to meet market segmentation

We collaborated with a luxury womenswear designer on:

  • Briefing the corporate strategy team on the Middle East luxury retail market
  • Producing a portfolio of material samples, color palettes and designs of that would meet demand
  • Implementing an in-store luxury consumer engagement opportunity

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